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The Roketsan T-107/122 Multi Barrel Rocket Launching (MBRL) system is a highly mobile modern fire support system which provides mass lethal fire with 107 and 122mm rockets from the close battle area to a depth of more than 40 kilometres. The system also has a flexible structure enabling it to fire other types of rockets and guided munitions in the future.

The T-107/122 can fire 60 107mm or 20 122mm rockets. The munitions are kept in sealed and thermally insulated pods and fired, thus ensuring short loading times and protection against unfavourable environmental conditions. In addition to indirect fire capability the T-107/122 has direct fire capability for 107mm rockets, even being able to fire at a negative elevation. Using this ability, especially beneficial in mountainous areas, the system can engage targets below its own altitude.

The T-107/122 launcher platform is a 4x4 or 6x6 tactical vehicle, the selection of which is open to the operator and is in most cases transportable by almost all in service cargo aircraft.  It is equipped with the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronic sub-systems to perform all steps required (mission planning, deployment, ballistic calculation, laying etc.) to conduct a fire mission. Crew requirement is just two individuals, though this can be increased at the operator’s discretion.

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