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Excelitas Qioptiq, on stand S8-110, offers a variety of night vision, thermal and fused weapon sight solutions for the dismounted soldier. Designed for platforms including individual assault weapons, light support weapons, crew-served weapons, anti-tank/anti-materiel weapons and specialised sniper applications.

Excelitas Qioptiq’s range of surveillance equipment features visible, image intensifying and uncooled/cooled thermal imaging technology with variants providing flexibility for surveillance systems.

The company designs and manufactures optical modules for head-up, head-level and helmet-mounted displays. Supplying over 17,000 head-up and head-down display optics for more than 30 military and civil aircraft types.

Excelitas Qioptiq Space Technology is a specialist manufacturer of radiation stable micro-sheet cover glass for the space industry. Qioptiq’s glass compositions and custom coating designs supply solar cell cover glass and OSRs to the global space industry.

Excelitas’ energetic products and capabilities feature a variety of detonators, initiators, Electronic Safe Arm Devices (ESAD) and Ignition Safety Devices (ISD) for warhead initiation, rocket motor ignition, CAD/PAD and MIL-STD 1901A compliance. It is also a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standards (RAFS), also known as atomic clocks, for space-borne applications. Excelitas also produces a broad offering of photodetectors and pulsed laser diodes sensors ideal for laser range finding, semi-active laser receiver and terminal guidance, laser warning systems and proximity fuzing.

Solutions on display include:

KITE In-Line is a compact night sighting system that is mounted on a weapon in front of a magnified day sight. It uses image intensification technology to amplify the small amount of light energy available at nighttime to present soldiers with a clear bright image of the night scene at distances beyond 1,000m.

KITE Weapon Mounted Night Sight, a compact and lightweight military standard night vision sight, KITE is designed specifically for short-to-medium range surveillance and target engagement. The fully ruggedised and qualified product offers x4 magnification and a high-resolution image to allow effective operation during lowlight conditions. Image intensifier options including high-performance European or US image intensifier tubes are available.

The compact ultra-lightweight DRAGON-C 640 Uncooled Thermal Imager Multi-Purpose Thermal Sight provides all round capability for the dismounted close combat user. DRAGON-C 640 can be fitted with Qioptiq's LO GLINT coating technology to reduce sunlight glint and reflection as an option.
DRAGON-S (Sniper) Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight provides snipers with 24-hour surveillance and target engagement capability for a range of optical dayscopes. It is factory set to eliminate the need for zeroing when the thermal sight is fitted and removed from the front of the dayscope. brings together key developments from the show. For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #9/2017, available at the show on the Mönch stand S2-165; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.



At DSEI, Excelitas Qioptiq also exhibited its JaguIR family. (Photo: DPM)

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