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Lockheed Martin’s HYDRA Fusion Tools presents a new way to handle the “big data” provided by unmanned systems, remote sensors, or satellites.

HYDRA offers two standout features, according to John Molberg, Business Development, Lockheed Martin CDL Systems:

The first is an immersive 3D world. By creating a live display of the world, all data feeds can be integrated in one place where any number of users can monitor the multiple data feeds which are being “fused” into the homogenous display.

HYDRA’s second and most ground-breaking feature is its ability to create a three dimensional picture from a two dimensional data source. Hydra uses “structure from motion” to process live video or a series of successive images to create a 3D picture.

HYDRA can do this in real-time, on a ground based or aerial based processor, such that you are viewing a live reconstruction of the world as it happens. This feature allows image analysts and UAV operators alike to get a live, wide area view of a target of interest, without having to continuously stare at the video feed.

We can offer HYDRA on a laptop as opposed to a server or a cloud. This portable capability means HYDRA is optimized for users who need actionable intelligence in remote environments (i.e. without internet access),” Molberg said. This includes military, law enforcement, as well as commercial customers such as pipeline companies, mining companies, and UAV service providers.


Hydra Fusion Tools stand out feature is its ability to simultaneously localize and map incoming imagery feeds from manned or unmanned systems. These images are geometrically stitched together into an immersive three dimensional world view, showcasing buildings, trees, vehicles, and terrain. Combined with 3D models, Hydra Fusion Tools creates a real-world model of any site –
 be it a tactical situation, industrial plant, or farmer’s field. Hydra Fusion Tools turns big data in to actionable intelligence.

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