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             Israel has requested eight Excess SH-60Fs through US FMS.  The Israeli SH-60Fs will supplement existing rotary aircraft including
             (Photo: USN)                                         AS565 Panthers, which are assigned to support the Sa’ar fleet.
                                                                  (Photo: USN)

             Status Quo Elsewhere               the gas turbines will not reach ‘hot section ser-  ‘6’ class ships would be named INS  Magen
             in the Classes                     vice’ for many years.”              (lead ship of the class), Oz, Independence and
                                                  Of note, in the Combined Diesel or Gas     Victory. The first ship is set for delivery in
              Another important discriminator between   (CODOG) propulsion configuration, ‘Sa’ar 5’   2019, with all four ships expected to be de-
             ‘Sa’ar 4.5’- and ‘5’ classes and the evolving   class vessels each also have 2 MTU V12 1163   livered by 2021. The IDF website on 30 June
             ‘6’ class, to be illustrated further on, is the   TB82 diesel engines, with the engineering   noted the lead ship of the class will become
             significant quantity of US-furnished materiel   plant delivering a maximum speed of 33 knots.   operational between 2020 and 2022.
             content on the legacy Sa’ar vessels. The acqui-  Elsewhere, of the more than 890 Raytheon   An IDF press release posted on the organ-
             sition strategy for the ‘6’ class increases Israe-  Phalanx Close-In  Weapon System (CIWS)   isation’s web site this 13 February, provided
             li-defence industry- supplied materiel on the   systems built and delivered to navies around   an initial overview of the ‘-6’ class, explaining
             four new ships. As of this issue’s publication,   the globe, one is fitted on legacy Sa’ar vessels.   the mission for the class and also emphasis-
             there do not appear to be significant efforts to   This 8 May, Barry Edwards, spokesperson for   ing the interesting class designation “corvette
             upgrade and enhance other systems on the ear-  this Raytheon programme, told Naval Forces   missile boat”.
             lier ships. In one instance, George Awiszus, the   that no upgrades were planned for the Israeli   When compared to the legacy ‘4.5’ and ‘5’
             director for Military Marine Marketing at GE’s   customer’s CIWS units.     class fleets, more materiel is being furnished
             Marine Solutions, pointed out “Israeli Naval                           by Israeli defence companies, and as signifi-
             Forces operates three ‘Saar 5’ class corvettes   Game Changer          cant, the new ships are being built in a non-
             with one LM2500 each,” and added, “Com-                                US shipyard. The statement read in part: “A
             missioned in 1994/5, GE has intermittently   There is a sea change on the Sa’ar pro-  powerful  radar  [IAI  Elta’s  EL/M-2248  MF-
             performed maintenance and provided parts for   gramme’s horizon with four more capable   STAR], helipad, and the Naval Iron Dome are
             the Israeli National Forces LM2500s but does   ‘Sa’ar 6’ class corvette missile boats on con-  all aboard the ‘Sa’ar 6’ class Corvette missile
             not have a long term customised in-service   tract for construction. In an announcement   boat. The Israeli Navy will soon receive this
             support agreement for these LM2500s. Unless   this 22  April, Major General Eli Sharvit,   new class of boats that will protect gas rigs
             they have an event requiring corrective action,   Commander of the Israeli Navy, said the new   and economic enterprises in Israeli waters.
                                                                                    Protecting strategic economic assets in Israeli
                                                                                    waters is a priority for the State of Israel. This
               The upgrades to the legacy ‘Sa’ar 4.5’ and ‘5’ class ships,
               and the construction of four, ever-more capable ‘Sa’ar 6’ class      is  particularly important, given  the  fact that
               vessels will help the Israeli Navy deter and counter tactical        by 2020, 75 per cent of electricity generation
               threats and higher order operational challenges.                     will be based on natural gas drilled from with-
               (Photo: IDF)                                                         in Israeli waters,” and continued, “In order to
                                                                                    protect these gas rigs, the navy will equip itself
                                                                                    with four new ‘Sa’ar 6’ class Corvette boats,
                                                                                    which will be a central element in the defence
                                                                                    of Israel’s energy and economic resources at
                                                                                    sea.  Thanks to anti-missile and interception
                                                                                    features, which are based on the ‘Adir’ radar
                                                                                    and a significant number of interceptors, the
                                                                                    ship will have the ability to deal with high tra-
                                                                                    jectory fire at gas rigs in Israeli waters, and
                                                                                    other possible threats.”
                                                                                      Additionally, the ships will be equipped with
                                                                                    additional stabilised and supervised weapons,
                                                                                    like the 32 vertical launch cells for Barak 8
                                                                                    long-range anti-air and anti-missile naval de-
                                                                                    fence system missiles (supplied by IAI  Air
                                                                                    & Missile Defence Division), an Oto Melara

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