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             76 mm main gun, two Typhoon Weapon Sta-  transmittal number 16-40 of 6 July 2016,   the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS)
             tions (furnished by Rafael Advanced Defence   emphasised in part: “The SH-60F Sea-Hawk   shipyard in Kiel, Germany. This June, Sascha
             Systems), two 324 mm torpedo launchers,   Helicopters along with the parts, systems,   Rahn, the head of Communications at TKMS,
             electronic warfare systems and cyber defence   and support enumerated in this notification   noted his shipyard was prohibited by contrac-
             systems, with the weapons package conceptu-  will provide the capability to perform troop/  tual protocols from commenting on the pace
             ally able to deal with all current and near-term   transport deployment, communications relay,   of construction on the lead ship and related
             threats at sea.                    gunfire support, and search and rescue. Sec-  topics.
              The  Typhoon,  serves  as  one  example  of   ondary missions include vertical replenish-  The corvettes are loosely based on Germa-
             how the Government of Israel heavily selected   ment, combat search and rescue, and human-  ny’s ‘Braunschweig’ class (K130) corvettes
               mature, operationally proven materiel from the   itarian missions. Israel will use the enhanced   with improved stealth features.
             Israeli defence industry to outfit the ‘6’ class.   capability as a deterrent to regional threats and   The four ships of the class will measure
             The Rafael website observed the system is “of   to strengthen its homeland defence.” The SH-  90m long, 13.5m wide and displace about
             High Customer  Value Operationally proven   60Fs will supplement existing rotary aircraft,   2,000tons.  As  ‘Sa’ar  5’  class  ships  displace
             for over a decade, with hundreds of systems   including AS565 Panthers, which are assigned   about 1275t and are 86m in length and have
               manufactured, the cost-effective Typhoon pro-  to support the Sa’ar fleet.   a beam (width) of about 12m, the ‘Sa’ar 6’’s
             vides low-risk, high value to the customer.”   The principal contractors for this Excess   capabilities should increase the sea-keeping
             Indeed,  Typhoon product end-users include   FMS transfer are Science and Engineering   and endurance of at-sea Israeli naval vessels.
             the USN.                           Services,  LLC,  Huntsville,  Alabama,  and
              Additionally, on 7  August, Elbit Systems   General Electric of Lynn, Massachusetts. The   Sa’ars to Bolster Israeli
             was arwarded a $85 million contract to  supply   USN, case agent for this FMS transaction, and   Security
             electronic  warfare  suites  for  the  ‘SA’AR  6’   DSCA, declined to respond to questions from
             class.                             Naval Forces on the delivery schedule and oth-  This is the most challenging time in the
              One prominent US weapon platform de-  er details about this Excess FMS transaction,     Israeli Navy’s history. The sea service is on
             signed to bolster the ‘6’ class, are excess air-  referring queries to the Government of Israel.   the watch for seaborne smugglers provid-
             frames and equipment from the Sikorsky (a                              ing weapons and other materiel to regional
             Lockheed Martin company) USN   SH-60F   Beyond Cutting Steel           terrorist groups. At the same time, advanced
             fleet. Israel has requested eight Excess                               anti-ship  missiles  threaten naval  units them-
               SH-60Fs (equipment and support) through US   The agreement for the construction of new   selves. The upgrades to the legacy ‘Saar 4.5’-
             FMS. The SH-60F  fleet  has been  in service   ‘Magen’ class ships was signed between Israel   and ‘5’ class ships,  and the construction of
             with the USN since in 1988, with the prospect   and Germany in May 2015. The programme’s   four ever-more capable ‘Sa’ar 6’ class vessels
             that these rotary aircraft will also dramati cally   first visible and critical life cycle event oc-  will help the  Israeli Navy maintain sea control
             expand the capability of the Sa’ar ‘6’ class.   curred this 7 February, with the steel cutting   in  its economic  exclusion  zone well beyond
             The DSCA press release on this transaction,   ceremony for the first corvette missile boat, at   this decade.        NAFO

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