At the Israel Pavilion, Hall B, on booth #2359, at AUSA 2017, RT LTA Systems, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and communications applications, presents new capabilities of its SKYSTAR 100 aerostat for the first time: The system now offers highly precise movement detection and enhanced target tracking capabilities, and can provide high-quality images while operating at long distances.

Among the additions to the system are a lightweight high definition (HD) payload, upgraded software features, which include advanced target tracking and digital video stabilisation and an advanced cable transmission mechanism, which simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the aerostat. The payload on the is developed and manufactured by UAV Factory. It is MONS' understanding that it can lock-on on the target, simultaneously track five different targets, identify picture changes down to a single pixel resolution, while indicating those changes for the operator. It has various filters contributing to an improved picture, a digital stabilizer in addition to the gyro system, various IR pictures’ improvements, a 30 zoom Day HD sensor and a continuous 60mm zoom for the night sensor. It weighs in total less than 1.5 kiligrammes.

“We recently completed development of the enhanced ISR capabilities for the SKYSTAR 100, following feedback from the field,” Rami Shmueli, RT's CEO, explained. “Our clients, especially those in the US dealing with border protection issues, are in need of a multi-mission, compact aerostat with superior detection and tracking capabilities - and the new generation SKYSTAR 100 is exactly that.” 

The SKYSTAR 100 aerostat is a mini tactical balloon system, ideal for close surveillance and reconnaissance missions. The system is compact, robust, and can be transported, assembled, launched and operated by two people after minimal training, providing field commanders with real-time reconnaissance capability. The updated system includes an HD payload operational day and night, as well as other reconnaissance and communication systems. Backpack or pickup truck transportable, the system can be assembled and launched in only 15 minutes, up to 1,000 feet. The SKYSTAR 100 is operational under extreme weather conditions with low operational and maintenance costs. The system’s PCS has a 1km operational range from the aerostat.
AUSA 2017 is showcasing the future of innovation across defences and brings together key developments from the show. For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #10/2017, available at the show; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

RT LTA introduces the SKYSTAR 100 aerostat as an updated system that includes an HD payload operational day and night, as well as other reconnaissance and communication systems. (Photo: RT LTA)

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