Shearwater took advantage of the 2017 Milipol exhibition being held in Paris between 21st and 23rd November to exhibit the latest variant of its Merlin Signals Intelligence/Communications Intelligence (SIGINT/COMINT) system.

The Merlin Mk.3 Version-2 was launched earlier this year as a counter-surveillance system which can be used to sweep a building or installation for Radio Frequency (RF) based listening devices or surveillance equipment. Providing surveillance across a bandwidth of 50 kilohertz to 30 gigahertz, the system can detect Bluetooth and RF, and demodulate video, while surveying the above bandwidth simultaneously. The addition of an antenna also allows it to DF (Direction Find) the source of the transmissions. Representatives of the company told MONS that it is mainly providing such equipment to government, armed forces and law enforcement customers around the world in addition to high-end corporate customers. Furthermore, the firm has noted a demand for such counter-surveillance equipment from wealthy or high profile individuals whom wish to secure yachts or private aircraft, for example, against surveillance.

Thomas Withington

Shearwater showcased its Merlin Mk.3 Version 2 at the Milipol exhibition. (Thomas Withington)

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