Israel Aerospace Industries has told MONS that the company’s new ELK-7065 High Frequency (three megahertz/MHz to 30MHz) Communications Intelligence (COMINT) system is now in service with its launch customer. 

The company continued that the ELK-7065 has completed testing and concepts of operation for its deployment are currently being drafted. With a detection range of up to 200km (124.3 miles), the ELK-7065 can be used in either a vehicle-borne or fixed site configuration.
Regarding the former role, the system can be used to contribute to the manoeuvre force’s overall COMINT picture and is optimised to be used at the divisional level to this end, in conjunction with COMINT systems operating at higher frequency ranges. 

Company officials continued that a “technology breakthrough” in the form of software developments enable the direction-finding and geolocation of an HF transmission to be performed using a single antenna. Given that the intercontinental ranges of HF transmissions can often result in such communications being used for strategic level communications between deployed forces and national command authorities, the ELK-7065 can contribute to denying such communications to an adversary using either kinetic or electronic means.


Thomas Withington


The ELK-7065 is now in service with its launch customer. (IAI)

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