The New Zealand Defence Forces (NZDF) recently awarded Systematic a contract to complete Tranche 1 of the Network Enabled Army (NEA) Programme, involving Systematic’s SitaWare Suite of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I), along with design and implementation support services that leverage Systematic’s extensive international experience of C4I initiatives.

Systematic will provide an Enterprise License for the full SitaWare Suite including Headquarters, Frontline and Edge products,”, Mike Magill, President Systematic Asia-Pacific, explained. “This enables interoperable C4I capabilities at all levels of command including not just static headquarters units, but also vehicles and dismounted commanders. In addition to the COTS based software at the heart of the C4ISR capability, we will also assist the NZDF team in providing architecture and system design services, along with implementation and integration support. A key feature of the support services is that they will take account of evolving and maturing requirements through the set-up of an ‘Agile’ project environment managed by Systematic.”

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters product has been used by the New Zealand Army for several years for training, experimentation and field exercises supported locally by Systematic business partner Eagle Technology Group. SitaWare helped Army personnel develop and improve different operational procedures and examine different configurations of software and equipment in readiness for a future network enabled system.

The opportunity to extend the existing reach of SitaWare Headquarters into and across Army functions and utilise the experience of Systematic to design and integrate C4 ISR applications and architecture has driven this investment. The relationship represents the realisation of some of the core NEA programme principles that will meet the needs of the New Zealand Army,” Richard Burn, Programme Director (Land), NZDF, said.

The NEA Programme is a 12 year programme that will modernise the C4ISR capability of the NZ Army and is one of NZDF’s most significant capability programmes for the foreseeable future. The strategy is to deliver the capability incrementally and has therefore been broken down into four Tranches, with each Tranche progressively ‘net enabling’ a larger part of the Army, incorporating developments in technology along the way.

Complex operational environments require decisions to be made quickly and accurately. They also require the exchange of vital information within the coalition and joint battle net. With so much information to be processed, it’s vital that operational headquarters staff have the most advanced command and control tools available to filter out irrelevant information and get a full appreciation of the battlespace. SitaWare Headquarters is a powerful and scalable C4I system (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence) that offers an accessible, easy-to-use yet comprehensive toolset that can significantly increase operational flexibility and reduce deployment time while providing extensive interoperability capabilities. (Graphic: Systematic)

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