At the Israel HLS & Cyber Conference in Tel Aviv this week, Elbit Systems is presenting GROUNDEYE, an innovative line of systems for ground-based, wide-area focused and persistent surveillance. Advanced systems and capabilities in imagery intelligence gathering combine to provide operators with a comprehensive picture and large field of view in real time and in high resolution: ideal for forensic debriefing and operational planning.

Developed as a result of detailed feedback from potential users regarding their evolving requirements, the GROUNDEYE line of systems provides ground commanders with simultaneous intelligence from multiple locations, and offers the facility for comparing current data with historical data (via video recording), thereby facilitating decision-making based on apparent changes in behaviour, circumstances or ‘pattern of life.’

At its heart lie a panoramic mast- or tripod-mounted sensor head housing the system’s cameras and front-end electronics; an advanced computer processing unit; high-speed image analysis applications (e.g tracking  and VMD); and a simplified user control station, interoperable with the user’s existing command and control center. GROUNDEYE can be operated as a standalone system or integrated into a C2 network and other surface observation platforms and components, thereby contributing to create a unified picture of the area of interest.

GROUNDEYE changes the surveillance paradigm. Already in use with security operators in Israel and internationally, it enables decision makers to develop clearer pictures in less time. (Photo: Elbit Systems)

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