RADA Electronic Industries announced on 9 January that its Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR) platform is to be installed on Royal Netherlands Army CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles for test and evaluation under the Dutch Active Protection System (APS) programme.

Capable radar sits at the heart of current generation APS to provide search and track capabilities for incoming projectiles ranging from anti-armour munitions to anti-tank guided weapons. RADA’s CHR has been specifically developed to meet the demands of this application and it has already been incorporated into IMI Systems’ IRON FIST APS. It is an S-band, software-defined, pulse-Doppler active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, which introduces sophisticated beam forming and advanced signal processing, supporting a variety of missions on a range of radar platforms.

As well as having undergone extensive testing in the IRON FIST application, CHR was recently delivered to Artis for installation in its IRON CURTAIN close-in APS. Dov Sella, RADA CEO, said “The estimated market potential of APS for fighting vehicles is tens of thousands of units. When European and US procurement programmes require APS in significant quantities, our ability to provide cutting-edge radar systems at competitive prices makes our solution a serious candidate for any project of this type.”

The RADA CHR systems, as part of armoured vehicle protection systems, is addressing a market potential in the tends of thousands of units. (Photo: RADA Electronic Industries)

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