New York-based Persistent Systems announced on 7 August the launch of a range of streamlined, tower-mounted integrated antennas for users of the WAVE RELAY mobile ad hoc network (MANET).

The series features both S- and C-band sector antennas as well as a C-band directional antenna, all of which have WAVE RELAY MANET technology built into the device. This results in:

• Faster installation;

• Longer range;

• Wider coverage

• Connectivity with the enterprise network.

These tower antennas can support a variety of MPU5 MANET radio users, such as military convoys, wildland firefighters, test range personnel, law enforcement, port security – and especially border security,” commented the company’s VP of Business Development, Nick Naioti. “Applications like border security require users to operate across thousands of square miles and remain continuously connected to each other and the enterprise […] That means continuous access to live camera feeds and sensor data to positively impact the mission.”

The directional antennas link communication towers, creating a powerful wireless backbone network, while the sector antennas provide the long range and high throughput required, establishing a large coverage area. The WAVE RELAY MANET radio, integrated into the antenna, handles all the data routing, enabling the fixed infrastructure to participate seamlessly in the MANET with mobile MPU5 users.

Designed for installation in just a few minutes, the new Integrated Antenna Series has only one Ethernet cable that provides both power and data connectivity. In addition, the MANET radio is housed in an IP66-rated enclosure on the back of the antenna, resistant to wind, rain, snow and heat, eliminating the need for additional weatherproofing.

We wanted a simpler way to execute tower antenna installation, given how important these antennas are to certain mission sets,” Naioti said. An interesting and easily understood video, incorporating an explanation of the system advantages by B R McDonald, Persistent’s Director of Field Operations, has been posted by the company on YouTube at


Persistent’s range of tower-mounted integrated antennas should quickly generate interest among those tasked with establishing and maintaining reliable connectivity across wide areas. (Image: Persistent Systems)

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