BAE Systems unveiled its RAVEN directed infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system, capable of defeating anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) on 14 October. The system protects ground vehicles and their crews and improves mission effectiveness without the use of kinetic countermeasures.

"The RAVEN countermeasure system is part of a layered defence and is easily tailored to any vehicle, mission, or budget," commented Ryan Edwards, Business Development Manager for Soldier and Vehicle Electronics. "Our vehicle protection systems improve crews' situational awareness and survivability, regardless of their vehicle or the threats they face."

RAVEN is a rugged, reliable laser-based countermeasure designed to defeat a variety of guided missile threats. It is lightweight, modular, scalable and provides armoured forces with efficient vehicle protection in a small, cost-efficient package. It is specifically designed for capability growth to address future threats as they emerge.

Compliant with the US Army's Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) programme, RAVEN is designed to integrate directly with threat detection and countermeasure cueing systems, including BAE Systems' 360 Multifunction Vehicle Protection (MVP) Sensor, a long-wave infrared situational awareness and warning system that serves as the eyes of the company's integrated VPS suite. The 360 MVP Sensor can cue RAVEN to quickly and efficiently defeat threats and also provides 360° situational awareness for improved vehicle mobility, lethality and integral survivability. As part of a layered vehicle defence system, RAVEN complements kinetic countermeasure systems with a virtually unlimited number of shots.

Earlier this year, the US Army recommended the integration of RAVEN on a BRADLEY fighting vehicle for the MAPS Programme's Layered Active Protection Demonstration, which took place in September. The recommendation followed the Soft Kill Rodeo, a series of tests to determine which non-kinetic active protection system technology has the most potential.

BAE Systems' integrated VPS suite builds on the company's extensive experience developing aircraft survivability equipment. With decades of experience designing, delivering and sustaining electronic warfare systems, the company has a deep understanding of the evolving battlespace and the solutions the armed forces need to address emerging threats.

The company's vehicle protections systems are developed at its manufacturing centre of excellence in Austin, TX.

The RAVEN countermeasure system uses next-generation cueing sensors in layered soft-kill countermeasures to protect ground vehicles from guided missiles. (Image: BAE Systems)

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