Bittium has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) for narrowband waveform development work for its tactical TOUGH software defined radios (SDR), the company announced on 15 November. The estimated value of the order is approx. €700,000.

Bittium is delivering the radios to the FDF based on a purchase agreement signed in December 2018. Along with the newly-ordered waveform development work, the FDF can start field tests with the radios and further waveform development in cooperation with Bittium for its own needs.

The narrowband waveform enables transmission of voice and messages over long distances, even

in potentially congested communication networks. Bittium TOUGH SDRs can use both the company’s existing Narrowband Waveform and its wideband Tactical Wireless IP Network(TAC WIN) waveform, as well as the European Secure SOftware defined Radio, High Data Rate Waveform (ESSOR).

The waveform to be developed under the new contract will enhance FDF communications security and flexibility. (Image: Bittium)

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