Rohde & Schwarz’ new WPU2000 wideband processing unit is a high-performance ELINT receiver designed for radar detection and analysis at 2GHz real-time bandwidth, enhancing situational awareness and supporting high-value platform protection in operational theatres.

Following the success of the WPU500, the newly-introduced device will form the new core of R&S’ radar signal collection and analysis systems. It covers a broad frequency range (20MHz-18 GHz, optionally extendable to 8KHz-40GHz) and its real-time bandwidth allows interception and analysis of the most complex wideband signals emitted by state-of-the-art frequency-agile radars. It copes with any radar environment, intercepting even the weak signals of low-power radars, due to its excellent sensitivity and high dynamic range. Its high detection range allows ELINT operators to remain in secure standoff positions. With its high spectral scan speed of up to 2,500GHz/sec, the unit is perfectly equipped to detect and process all types of low probability of intercept (LPI) radars.

Integrated into ELINT systems, the WPU2000 delivers the required information on intercepted radar emissions, including continuous raw I/Q data and measured pulse parameters. This information is vital for the characterization of radar signals and the subsequent identification of their emitters.

One of the core components of our ELINT systems is the new R&S WPU2000 multi-channel processor, which collects, processes, and analyses modern low power, LPI radar signals,” observed Bosco Novak, Executive VP, Monitoring and Network Testing. “These include wideband, multi-RF, high duty cycle radar emissions, such as those that are produced by an active electronically scanned array (AESA). The fast scan speed of R&S WPU2000 contributes to a high probability of intercept (POI).”

The new ELINT receiver is able to resolve and process complex scenarios featuring modern radar signals, including wideband, multi-channel and high-duty-cycle radar emissions. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

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