Camero-Tech, an SK Group company, is launching the latest and most powerful member of its XAVER through-wall imaging systems – the XLR80 – which allows operators to detect and track live objects behind walls at a stand-off distance of over 100m, the company announced on 18 February.

This new capability provides a breakthrough operational advantage in a hostile environment. Special forces and law enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations require reliable information regarding hidden live objects to determine the most suitable approach to ensure successful missions and life-saving. Penetrating through walls from a remote location, the XLR80 creates a real-time situational awareness picture of whether there are people present beyond the wall, and if so, how many, their exact distance and their direction of movement. The system is also highly sensitive for detecting unseen micro movements of static live objects – detecting breathing in an otherwise static target, for example. Being able to achieve these capabilities and the high sensitivity, is a game changer in various operational scenarios.

Controlled by a tablet with a simple user interface for intuitive interpretation, the XLR80 features integrated data recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training and debriefing. A dedicated sight is used for accurately directing the narrow beam of the system to the target. The system can be operated by a single user and is ready for use at the push of a button.

For the first time, the operator in the field has the ability to see through walls at such a long distance,” commented Amir Beeri, CEO of Camero. “We have developed unique technology on which the XLR80 system is based on. An innovative Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor, supported by patented algorithms and signal processing, provides the user with real-time situational awareness while staying safe at more than 100 meters away from the target.”

A more detailed examination of the XLR80 will appear in Military Technology 2/2021, published on 31 March.


The XLR80 weighs around 20kg, is man-portable and can be operated by a single individual. (Photo: Camero-Tech)

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