Made to be the ultimate scout or sniper pack, Tasmanian Tiger's Modular Sniper Pack 45 boasts a truly clever design with the key word being Modular! Tasmanian Tiger invested a lot of iR&D on perfecting a truly modular carrying system that gives the user many possibilities. If you are looking for a heavy duty backpack and a weapon bag that can be used for the transport of a long weapon with or without scopes, look no further, as this pack is both! The Modular Sniper Pack 45 lets you use it as a system of systems, where the backpack and weapon bag can be worn separate, connecting and disconnecting easily and quickly. MONCh Gear Box' first test (of three) consisted of taking the main backpack (71x29x20cm) on a short 32 hour trip, testing it in its smallest form.


Our first test (of three) consisted of taking the main backpack (shown) on a short 32 hour trip, testing it in its smallest form. Of course there is room for morale patches. (Photos: DPM)


Taking Tasmanian Tiger's Modular Sniper Pack 45 in its backpack configuration out for testing.



The wearer has the opportunity to compress the backpack with the detachable compression straps on the side, while the two outer pockets can be adjusted with bungee cord making packing as flexible and individual as possible. It can be further compressed with a zipper making the backpack interior correspond to an even smaller pack. There are two smaller easy-to-access zippered pockets to store small gadgets or mags.


The two outer pockets can be adjusted with bungee cord making packing as flexible and individual as possible. There are two smaller easy-to-access zippered pockets in the front to store small gadgets or mags.


Load space being excellent, even in the two outer pockets, where one finds two mesh pockets for easy storage and additional MOLLE webbing (more on that later).


More MOLLE webbing on the outside of each outer pocket.


Right above the upper easy-to-access zip pocket is a handle that acts as the pack’s top carry handle. I found this not to be too comfortable for a carrying motion, also due to the fact that I was looking for it ontop of the backpack. A habit that probably forms when only using this pack.


Its main compartment and drawstring central divider provide internal storage flexibility for almost any type of item one may need. The front opening can be completely pulled up, a so called clamshell, providing a loading capability of a suitcase. Load space being excellent, one finds room for things as diverse as laptops, SATCOM gear, mortar rounds and MANPACK radios. The full clamshell opening provides excellent and easy access to everything inside, as well as access to all the gear one shoves in there along the way. See short video below.



The Modular Sniper Pack 45 meets all the requirements for a heavy-duty mission and is made of robust 700DEN Cordura, that can be thrown, tossed, scraped, drowned and beaten up without giving in. 700DEN Cordura combines the high wear and tear resistance of the classic 1,000DEN fabric with the lightness of the 500DEN fabric.


Comfort whilst carrying is supported by the V2 Carrying System and the removable padded hip belt (which, for this 32h "mission," I stupidly did not employ, which my back was not too happy about).


Super comfortable shoulder straps make it an easy carry, though, also for a longer period of time.


The shoulder straps feature mesh pads, D-rings and a chest strap.


There's an abundance of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing...of which you can never have enough. MOLLE Velcro webbing can also be found on the inside for organisation, which I found a great feature, as it can be tiresome at times to attach MOLLE pouches. All you need here is attach and, when in need, detach. See video above.


The Modular Sniper Pack 45 features an abundance of MOLLE webbing.



This of course leads to organisation. In the past, I used to love more pockets, more zippers, more hidden compartments. The thing is, separate pockets and compartments mean extra construction, which equals extra cost plus extra weight, and it takes impressive memory skills if you swap out packs as often as I do. This is where the interior MOLLE Velcro comes in handy as I was able to use my organiser pouches and find gear easily. Again, see short video above.

The organisation of this pack just makes sense, as the ample amount of pockets fits my gear perfectly. Each pocket and compartment is laid out in a way that is logical.

Now, you’ve all heard the term before; tactical’s hard to avoid, and it’s impossible to deny that “tactical” packs are a trend that is not going away any time soon in the carry world. In the case of Tasmanian Tiger's Modular Sniper Pack 45, though, it is not just a buzzword, it is a pack used by tactical units, with success. It represents everything that Tasmanian Tiger has learned about the needs of the professional military sniper community, and is a true operations ready pack, derived from lessons learned.


Tasmanian Tiger focused on strength, durability, modularity, high activity and premium quality materials/hardware. Fashion was not even considered. It’s all pure function here. With the Modular Sniper Pack 45, Tasmanian Tiger developed a real masterpiece of modularity, checking all the boxes with YKK zippers (meaning no broken zippers at that time when you really don’t need a broken zipper), reinforced seams and a great frame sheet, making it super comfortable to wear for hours on end.



For those users who demand the best, this rugged, durable and modular tactical pack  is designed for the harshest conditions. This is review 1 of 3, as we still are testing the detachable weapon case (135x24x6cm), which can be made into its own sniper rifle carrier system by attaching the removable, padded hip belt and the V2 Plus carrying system to it; and of course will test the whole system. Stay tuned…

BTW, the removable lid can also be worn over the shoulder on its own with left-over straps once its G-Hooks are detached. As I said earlier, the key word here is Modular! Great stuff.




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