First Five to be Completed by Year End

A crew of eight people operate the DSB and this includes a crane operator, ched pack operator (bridge commander) and the doggers (sling handlers). The Australian Army is still putting together the training package for its bridging teams after it faced delays in setting up the train the trainer courses. (Photo: WFEL)

Under Project Land 155 phase 1, Defence ordered five different systems

Development Complete by 2021, Series Production from 2022


Recognised Innovation and Its Essential Role in Supporting Effective Defence

At MSPO, AMZ-Kutno underscored the fact that the current variant is a base construction that, due to its modularity and adaptability, is a platform for various other specialist variants. Thus, the configuration of a light armoured reconnaissance vehicle (LOTR) is only one of several available in the future. The vehicle can use wheels of different sizes or can be equipped with various compartments, depending on the specific needs of the customer. Crew can range from four to five, it can carry six to eight fully-equipped troops in the armoured personnel carrier configuration and it can be also fitted with machineguns, or a 40 mm grenade launcher, and self-protection systems, such as the indigenously designed and produced OBRA-3 and SOL-2 laser warning systems.(Photo: Robert Czulda)

AMZ-Kutno is presenting its BÓBR-3 (BEAVER-3) wheeled (4x4) modular platform

Replacement for T-72 and LEOPARD 2

HAWKEI is Australia’s first vehicle designed as a digital platform. A Thales executive said the LRIP vehicles are fitted with a new Integrated Computing System (ICS) that supports a Generic Vehicle Architecture capability and display applications, no matter which operating system they use, and a battle management system feed into the vehicle. It has the same radio fit as the BUSHMASTER and can take feeds from the sensors on BUSHMASTER and view them in the forces 2018

”It Will Keep You Alive in a Combat Zone”

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) was awarded a contract by Australia’s procurement organisation CASG for additional medium and heavy trucks. The total value of Land 121 Phase 5b is slated at A$1.4 billion and includes 1,044 trucks and 872 modules from RMMV as well as 812 trailers and other government furnished equipment such as weapon systems and communications devices. Maj.Gen. David Coghlan, Head of Land Systems at the Australian DoD’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) procurement organisation, said that the RMMV portion of the contract was about A$1 billion that would, “complete the renewal of the Army’s truck fleet.”

Land 121 Phase 5b includes 1,044 trucks & 872 modules + 812 trailers and more

Indonesian MoD to Order at Least 44 Tanks

Certification of the Australian Army’s RBS 70-based SHORAD to Mode 5 standard represents the first such certification outside the United States. (Photo: Saab)

RBS 70 Achieves First Certification Outside USA

Sixth Customer for M4 Since 2014 Launch

Details company, Polish business, MK44 30x173mm BUSHMASTER, PGK, AARGM Northrop Grumman Defense Electronic Systems has been demonstrating the PGK with several allied artillery systems and recently demonstrated the PGK with Poland’s Dezamat produced 155mm projectile showing great promise for integration success and should be able to adapt with minimal changes to the PGK. (Photo: Robert Czulda)

Details company, Polish business, MK44 30x173mm BUSHMASTER, PGK, AARGM


Solution on Show on BORSUK IFV

Almost 1,000 Vehicles Delivered to Germany in Last Decade

For Land 400 Phase 3 MCC, Maj.Gen. Coghlan told MONCh that the timeline was key and that industry had to keep to that. Bids must include the Rafael SPIKE ATGM, EOS RWS and a 30mm cannon to retain commonality with the BOXER CRV. (Photo: Tim Fish)

Maj.Gen. David Coghlan details new Armoured Vehicles Division

Seen at Land Forces Asia 2018 in Adelaide, Australia by Tim Fish

AS21 REDBACK for Land 400 Phase 3

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