Second Award from USAF for More Robust System

Procurement by Fourth International Partner

The British Army has announced some major changes to its infantry small arms, confirming that it will drop the FN Herstal PARA MINIMI (L110A3) at the fire team level, the Hirtenberger M6-640 60mm mortar, and the L86A2 light support weapon.

British Army Drops MINIMI, 60mm Mortar and L86 Light Support Weapon

High Levels of Operational Ballistic Protection

 Test Demonstrated Unique Hit-to-Kill Properties

Autonomous Convoy Management for US Army

Raytheon's Tube-Launched Expendable System “Most Capable in Class”

Saab’s ARTHUR Weapon Locating Systems Continues to be Effective

Significant Enhancements Improve Utility

M17/M18 MHS MFAL testing this summer

4,000 carbines to be procured

US Army Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR) system

 CIO to deliver ten CENTAURO II Armoured Vehicles to the Italian Army

Over 1,000 Vehicles and 800 Modules for Rheinmetall Australia

Saab Will Deliver Latest Confined Space Reduced Sensitivity Variant

Enhanced modular air defense solutions (EMADS) system

RAWL-03 3D Air Surveillance Radar to be Jointly Marketed

Optimising the defensive capability of the Ballistic Missile Defense system

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