South Korean LIG Nex1 made its official debut at MSPO 2017 in Kielce. The company, founded in 1976, is a member of a national delegation of South Korea which is a leading nation this year.
In Poland LIG Nex1 presents its wide portfolio, which includes:

1.Precision Guided Munitions
•Medium Range Infantry Missile (Raybolt)
•Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile (Pegasus)
•Portable Surface-to-Air Missile (Chiron)
•Tactical Ship-to-Surface Missile
•Ship based Surface-to-Anti Missile (SAAM)
•Ship-to-Ship Missile (C-Star)
•Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (KM-SAM)
•Korea GPS Guided Bomb (KGGB)
•Lightweight Torpedo (Blue Shark)
•Korean Anti -Submarine Missile (Red Shark)
•Wire Guided Heavyweight Torpedo
•Underwater Mine
•2.75in Guided Rocket

2.Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems
•Short Range 2D Air Defence Surveillance Radar
•Short Range 3D Air Defence Surveillance Radar
•Medium Range 3D Air Defence Surveillance Radar
•Long Range 3D Air Defence Surveillance Radar
•Next Generation Artillery Locating Radar
•3D Surveillance Radar for frigates
•3D Surveillance Radar for patrol vessels
•Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar
•UAV Synthetic Aperture Radar
•Tactical Reconnaissance Pod (Tac EO/IR)
•Harbor Underwater Surveillance System
•Hull Mounted Sonar for frigates
•KSS III (submarines) Sonar System 

3.Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intelligence (C4I)
•Battalion Tactical Command System (BTCS A1)
•Joint Tactical Data Link System (JTDLS)
•KSS Combat Management System
•Tactical Multi-band Multi-role Radio (TMMR)
•Milsatcom Transportable Terminal

4.Electronic Warfare
•Mobile Land Based EW System
•KUH Aircraft Survivability Equipment System Integration
•Ship borne EW System (SONATA)
•Mobile Decoy
•Torpedo Acoustic Countermeasures
•Airborne EW System (ALQ 200)

•Mission Computer (MC)
•Airborne Recorder
•Flight Control Computer
•Multi-Function Display (MFD)
•Weapon Control System (WCS)
•Head Up Display (HUD)
•Radar Altimeter (RALT)
•Integrated Digital Map Computer (IDMC)
•Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
•U/VHF AM Radio
•VHF FM Radio
•TA/FA 50 Radar

Despite the fact that LIG Nex1 is unknown to the Polish defence industry, it is quite likely that MSPO 2017 will be just the first step in further cooperation. LIG Nex1’s offer is very wide and the company has significant experience. At the same time Poland is seeking a new industrial partner and a transfer of advanced technologies. Fields of potential cooperation between Poland and LIG Nex1 include precision ammunition for Polish land units and helicopters, as well as C4I and ISR solutions. Cooperation in avionics systems is less likely since the Polish aviation industry is very modest.

Robert Czulda

A defence cooperation between Poland and South Korea might look too exotic – yet one must remember that Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) is already a supplier of the K9’s chassis, which is used by Polish industry to build the KRAB 155mm self-propelled howitzers. (Photo: Robert Czulda)

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