Always keen to stress the cutting edge nature and quality of its solutions, Nexter is taking the opportunity of Eurosatory 2018 in Paris this week to draw the defence communities attention to its newest range of innovative 155mm artillery munitions: the KATANA series. Featuring longer ranges and greater precision, the KATANA guided artillery shell “will be the gunner’s ammunition of the future,” the company claims.

Nexter’s Ammunition Business Unit (Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa), is one of Europe’s leaders in the field of ammunition. Extensive investment in research and development over the last several years has resulted in the company fielding one of the most comprehensive ranges of technologically advanced ammunition. 

KATANA rounds can be fired from all 52 calibre artillery systems, while retaining the traditional artillery qualities: continuous fire, all-weather capability, high cost/efficiency ratio. As a consequence of its specific architecture, KATANA can also be used for close support, engaging all types of targets thanks to its multi-mode rocket, which is programmable to operate by proximity, impact, or time delay.

With a maximum range of 30km for the first generation and 60km for the next, KATANA will strike targets with pinpoint precision. The projectile's guidance is provided by a combination of a GNSS signal receiver and an inertial measurement unit. In the future, metre-scale precision will be made possible through the addition of an optional semi-active laser distance gauge.

Thus, KATANA rounds will offer the best performance in range, accuracy and terminal effect for existing 155mm ammunition, compatible with current and future artillery systems.

The inspiration for naming the new range of munitions comes from the Japanese katana, the long sword that was synonymous with the character of the samurai from the Muromachi period in the 14th century. It has come to be seen as the apogee of the swordmaster’s art – an appellation to which Nexter evidently aspires with a range of 155mm ammunition reaching a 60km range. (Image via Wikipedia Commons)

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