The release of the latest family member of Jenoptik’s diode laser rangefinder modules (DLEM), designated DLEM 20, addresses the trend for SWaP and Cost optimised devices for today’s dismounted soldier and lightweight UAV applications. The new DLEM 20 is an ideal candidate for multi-functionality in range-finding as it is one of the most powerful sensors in its class weighing less than 33 grams. Its very small divergence also results in a very small laser spot on target – even at long distances. This enables the shooter to get range to target instead of to surrounding objects, which would lead to limited reliability of the range reading. Capable of handling shocks in excess of 1,500g, it can be mounted on any kind of rifle in service today and in the future. Derived from the field proven DLEM SR, of which thousands of units have been delivered worldwide, the new DLEM 20 pushes the performance limits further. Out of a miniaturised package it can range man-sized targets out to 2km and extended targets out to five kilometres.

The DLEM 20 is also a huge leap forward towards meeting airburst requirements as its accuracy has been increased to a fraction of a metre. Its high degree of accuracy is independent of the range and ensures reliable range output for distances of up to five kilometres. The use of sophisticated software algorithms ensures the accuracy is also maintained over the wide operational temperature range of -40°C to + 80°C as well as on targets with low and high reflectivity.

With a volume of less than 37ml, a very light weight and very low power modes of operation, the DLEM 20 furthermore addresses all the requirements for maximum air time for small UAV applications. Waking up from the off state into measurement readiness takes less than 100ms, which even allows the device to be maintained in the off state for most of the time when it consumes no power.

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