DYNEEMA, the world’s strongest fibre, according to manufacturer DSM Dyneema, is weight for weight 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40 times stronger than aramid fibres. Bouyant, resistant to abrasion and cutting as well as to moisture, UV light and chemicals, the material has lent itself to a wide variety of applications in defence, aerospace and commerce.

The fibre has now been tested to the extreme in an exercise engineered by Dortmund-based Dolezych GmbH & Co .KG, a leading manufacturer of ropes and material handling equipment with a global reputation as an expert in the securing loads. Displayed at this year’s commercial vehicle trade fair in Hanover, the Powerlash With Dyneema textile lashing chain, the result of intense collaboration between Dolezych and Dyneema, demonstrated levels of resilience and flexibility that set new standards in handling, according to the companies.

The principle behind the hybrid product is both simple and clever. Several layers of Dyneema fabric are wound and sewn to form chain links, which can then be combined into chains of any length and coupled with customised hooks, high-strength shackles and tensioners. Resulting breaking load and durability is comparable to high strength steel, but with a weight reduction of 80% and much greater flexibility.

Tested under real operating conditions over a six month period, long chains of up to 20m consistently demonstrated remarkable abrasion and cutting resistance, enabling loads to be secured effortlessly and rapidly by just one person. One of the testers remarked. “working with lashing chains was never so easy!“

Additional features of Powerlash With Dyneema include the fact that as a ‚soft‘ lashing chain it can be pulled over the load without the need for any additional protection against scratching. The tensioner system is also innovative, with a tailored lashing strap system replacing the more traditional ratchet load binder, resulting in a significantly longer tension distance and a considerable contribution to overall weight reduction.

PowerLash with Dyneema. (Photo: Dolezych)

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