Rafael recently demonstrated the uniquely lethal capability of the short-range SPIKE SR precision-guided missile in a series of tests in the Negev Desert, the company announced on 13 January.

An electro-optically shoulder-fired guided missile designed for infantry use, SPIKE SR is the smallest and lightest member of Rafael’s growing SPIKE family. Weighing only 10kg and featuring a stand-off range of 2,000m, the weapon is currently in use with the armed forces of several nations, including members of NATO. The entire SPIKE family is now operational in 34 nations, with more than 33,000 rounds delivered and as many as 45 different platforms integrated, including attack helicopters, ground vehicles and marine vessels.

Designed as a portable, fully disposable munition, SPIKE SR carries a powerful high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead, combined with a frontal precursor for defeating explosive reactive armor (ERA) tiles. During the most recent demonstration, operators hit targets at ranges up to 2,000m, with impressive armor penetration results.

"[SPIKE SR] proved to be as lethal as other large-calibre missiles, with great agility for the warfighter due to its light weight, as well as its ability to act rapidly within six seconds from cold start, engaging fast moving targets, highly-demanded capabilities in today's warfare,” commented Gal Papier, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Rafael’s Precision Tactical Weapon Systems directorate.

SPIKE SR has been designed to be transported and operated by a single soldier, providing powerful stand-off anti-armour capability at the squad and platoon level. (Photo: Rafael)

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