Yet another major Israeli industrial concern leveraging the recent rapprochement between Israel and many of its neighbours, Rafael will bring its well-deserved reputation for innovation and advanced capabilities to both IDEX and NAVDEX in Abu Dhabi next week.

The company’s 70+-year technological legacy has resulted in a wide range of comprehensive, multi-purpose and multi-platform defence systems for air, land, sea, cyber and space applications. At IDEX 2021, Rafael will present a variety of systems addressing current and emerging operational needs, featuring advanced artificial intelligence (AI), big data analysis and data fusion, deep learning capabilities and cyber defence solutions. Rafael's AI expertise play a central role in the company's autonomous battlefield capabilities, that enable multi-system integration and net-centric operations, autonomous land navigation in GPS-denied environments, and autonomous mission planning. An example of the merging of these capabilities can also be found in Rafael's Next Generation Combat Vehicle Suite.

Rafael’s portfolio also includes communication systems, such as the Bnet software-defined radio solution. The company also has a 20-year history as a key player in the cyber domain, with several national level projects.

At NAVDEX, Rafael's naval display will consist of the following:

- The TYPHOON C-UAS Naval Remote Weapon Station, capitalizing on the TYPHOON family of proven naval defence solutions;

- Naval SPIKE ER and Naval SPIKE NLOS maritime missiles with ranges of 10 and 32km respectively;

- Advanced naval EW solutions, including SEWS-DV, C-GEM C-Pearl DV and the WIZARD, supporting all EW-related requirements for modern combat vessels;

- The Vessel Protection Suite, an integrated networked solution for asymmetric naval warfare against surface and air swarms. It provides multi-layered soft- and hard-kill solutions that include a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors, managed by a centralised AI-based system incorporating ‘battle algorithm’ software;

- A coastal defence solution based on Rafael’s unique AI capabilities, a wide range of communication systems for voice, video and data, which connect all sensors (stationary, mobile or airborne) and all mobile units to headquarters, over a single, secure network and a central C2 system, where all data generated by system elements, including external information systems, is received and processed.

Systems integration capabilities, such as those embodied in the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle project, lie at the heart of Rafael’s technological and innovation edge. (Photo: Rafael)

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