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Cervus Defence Leverages Early Success

Latest advanced dome display project supports high-performance fast jet pilot training

Cutting-edge technology in training & simulation

Elbit Systems Showcases Advanced Air & Land Training & Simulation

New Advanced Technology Interactive Training System

Providing upgrades to USAF KC-135 BOWST AAR simulators

Åsa Thegström, Head of Saab’s Business unit Training & Simulation. (Photo: Saab) Saab’s modular and scalable system for live, laser-based training is a complete solution for military training. The system is ready for integration of virtual and constructive simulators and today we offer blended training including virtual mortar, anti-tank weapons, small arms, UAV’s and more. Our latest innovation in the Live Training domain is our new BT 46 Mk III laser simulator system for vehicles, which provides the most realistic ballistic and precision laser simulation. The BT 46 Mk III improves motivation and anticipation through enhanced impact precision, simulated ammunition time-of-flight and tracer.

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

I/ITSEC, MetaVR will demonstrate with our business partners Battlespace Simulations (BSI) and Immersive Display Solutions, our Fallon Range Familiarization Solution (FRTC). This solution features a VR headset, cockpit (flight) simulator, and geospecific 3D terrain of target ranges at the Fallon Range Training Complex (FRTC). The virtual target ranges were built with 2 cm imagery captured by MetaVR’s small UAS. This solution, which visitors to our booth are welcome to fly, essentially virtualizes the existing FRTC Inflight Guide for naval aviator range familiarization and provides a significant increase in flight readiness and savings to military aviation training programs as a commercial off-the-shelf product W. Garth Smith, President and Co Owner, MetaVR. (Photo: MetaVR)

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Jürgen Mayer, Head of System Technologies & Simulation, ESG Defence + Public Security. (Photo: ESG)

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Tal Levy, Senior Director Air Training Solutions at Elbit Systems Aerospace Division Homeland Security training and simulation includes new capabilities. (Photo: Elbit Systems)

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Gene Colabatistto, Group President, Defence & Security, CAE. I/ITSEC) called CAE Rise, which stands for Real-time Insights and Standardized Evaluations. CAE Rise leverages the wealth of “big data” that is gathered during simulator training sessions, and is designed to provide the ability for instructors to deliver standardized training and objectively assess pilot competencies using live data. It was first introduced earlier this year to the civil aviation market and we have delivered CAE Rise to AirAsia and other airline customers to enhance and improve pilot training programs. We are now introducing this to the military market to help enhance the efficiency of pilot training, which is even more critical right now as militaries face the challenge of pilot recruitment, training and retention. We also plan to introduce CAE Rise to live training so that data gathered during live flight training sessions can be used to adapt and tailor the training being delivered.

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge technology portfolio for multi-domain LVC training. Our product line encompasses desktop training, simulation host, image generation, terrain editing and management, artificial intelligence and development tools, all integrated with each other. This leads to superior workflow, robustness, and significant savings in both integrator costs and time-to-deliver as well as reduced programme delivery risks. Earlier this year, BISim released VBS Blue IG, our high-performance, CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator. VBS Blue IG supports the full spectrum of land, sea, and air use cases for combined arms and individual training. It is already in use for simulation projects ranging from JTAC, VR dismounted soldier training, gunnery, VR/AR part-task training, full-motion driver simulation, and flight training devices across the land, sea and air domains. Arthur Alexion, Co-CEO Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). (Image: BISim)

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Mike Knowles, President of Cubic Global Defense. (Photo: Cubic) Regarding air combat training, Cubic is incorporating live, virtual and constructive (LVC) technologies to meet the air combat training requirements of fourth and fifth generation pilots. The 21st century training environment must provide an increase in airspace and threat density, as well as the ability for aircrew to employ their electronic warfare systems as they would in actual combat. LVC capabilities, enhance the live training environment, making it more realistic, more readily available and more affordable, enabling warfighters to “train as they fight.” Recently, Cubic completed the SLATE-ATD, a project for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), demonstrating cutting-edge LVC technology for fighter aircraft. To meet the LVC training challenge Cubic developed enabling technologies and demonstrated the efficacy of blending virtual and constructive entities into live aircraft cockpits during Large Force Exercise (LFE) events at Nellis Air Force Base. The performance of the LVC system dramatically exceeded expectations within the project’s three-year period of performance.

Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series Selected Industrial Views

Move Provides Additional Innovative Synthetic and Live Expertise

Synthetic Training Facility Built by Lockheed Martin

British Training Teams to be Deployed in Early 2019

In 'Unified Vision,' VRSG was coupled with BattleSpace Simulations' (BSI) Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) for simulating RPAs, with Air Force Synthetic Environment for Reconnaissance and Surveillance (AFSERS) for U2 and GLOBAL HAWK simulations, and with Vignette Planning and Rehearsal Software (ViPRS) for ground simulations. United States Air Forces Europe's (USAFE) Warrior Prep Center (WPC) at Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Germany, uses MetaVR's Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) in multiple simulators for combat readiness training. USAF MajGen Jon T. Thomas, Headquarters USAFE and Air Forces Africa Operations, Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration Director, observes USAF Tech. Sgt. John Oregan, USAFE WPC Air Ground Operations School JTAC instructor, as he runs a simulation using the Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System at the WPC at Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Germany. (Photo: USAF/Senior Airman Devin Boyer)

WPC's 32 new VRSG licenses used in part in NATO 'Unified Vision'

Enabling ‘Readiness Without Boundaries’

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