On the occasion of I/ITSEC 2018, MILITARY TECHNOLOGY publishes its sixth Annual Simulation and Training Bosses (SATB) Series that conveys the thoughts and messages of the world’s defence simulation and training leaders, according to the question: “With the need for multi domain LVC training being paramount, what new innovations does your company provide?”

Innovative and efficient: Made-to-measure solutions for combining live and virtual training.

Against the background of growing complexity of military systems and the decreasing numbers of available weapon systems as training devices, the importance of innovative and efficient simulation and training solutions is increasing rapidly.

In order to fulfil our customers' needs regarding efficient and effective training as well as continuous practice of basic operations and mission procedures in challenging multi-national deployments ESG counts on innovative and trend-setting technologies.

Based on our competencies and fifty years of experience in civil and military business, ESG is the reliable partner to support its customers in all areas of simulation and training with sophisticated services and solutions ranging from the development to the operation of mission-oriented simulation systems. ESG´s portfolio covers part-task trainers, procedure & maintenance trainers and flight training devices as well as specific engineering simulators.

The trendsetting element is the integration of live and virtual training for best operational preparation using augmented reality (AR) technology. During live training in real surrounding different scenarios and threats can be integrated via augmented reality. The technology is already so far, that virtual elements for example foreign tanks and aircrafts can be shown through AR glasses of the soldier and are integrated in the real surrounding as realistic elements.

The integration of virtual and augmented reality into established network centric warfare systems and the networking of different simulators for joint & combined missions is another key factor to achieve highest training efficiency. This enables ESG to create made-to-measure solutions and capabilities for the sensor-to-shooter and troop support network. By using the most modern multi-media technologies available, we achieve a methodological diversity and user-oriented flexibility. ESG employs modular and scalable systems that can be adapted easily and flexibly. These are based on comprehensive experience gained during operations. Commercially available and proven components and technologies are one key for success in this area. The simulation framework developed by ESG, for example, offers a huge advantage regarding future solutions.

Examples of ESG’s capabilities include a Joint Fire Support Procedure Trainer, a Helicopter Pilot Screening System, a Cockpit Procedure Trainer for MK88A Sea Lynx marine helicopter, Cockpit Procedure Trainers and Full Flight Simulators for the upgraded version of CH-53 transport helicopter, a training system for fuel operator of the A310 MRTT tanker aircraft as well as simulators to accompany and support the development and improvement of the UH-TIGER, CH-53GA, Tornado, A400M and the C-160 TRANSALL.

ESG is the reliable partner of the armed forces for efficient and sophisticated solutions in training and simulation.

To get the best overview of everything, MONCh brings together key developments from the show. With I/ITSEC 2018 showcasing the future of innovation across the training & simulation sector, MONCh brings you hourly news, articles, and buzz from the show floor via our news team in one place so that you will not miss anything during the show. Frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.


Full Flight Simulators for the upgraded version of CH-53 transport helicopter (Image: ESG)

Jürgen Mayer, Head of System Technologies & Simulation, ESG Defence + Public Security. (Photo: ESG)

Jürgen Mayer, Head of System Technologies & Simulation, ESG Defence + Public Security. (Photo: ESG)

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