3D perception is showcasing its simulation visual display solution, NORTHSTAR, at booth #871, with a large AURORA dome screen and four channels of Barco F70-4K6 4K UHD laser-phosphor projectors running at 120Hz, automatically warped and blended via 3D perception’s nBox. The image generator is courtesy of CATI Training Systems.

Northstar is 3D perception’s turn-key simulation display solution, and is the fusion of the following live-linked sub-systems: nBox next-generation display processor and manager, AURORA and StarScan automatic image alignment technologies and Professional Simulation Certified Projectors.

At the heart of 3D perception’s Northstar solution is nBox, an all-in-one display processor that warps, blends and colour-corrects raw IG content. nBox outputs to multiple projectors and seamlessly displays imagery across any shaped screen. nBox calibrates colour, gamma, contrast and compensates for hot spots, creating a truly consistent image.

3D perception’s AURORA auto-aligning instrumented screens feature embedded sensors. WarpSync and ChromaSync sensors detect the alignment and quality projector images, communicate with nBox, and automatically make precision adjustments to geometry, edge blending, colour and intensity.StarScan devices can be mounted virtually anywhere in the display system and can automatically align itself using reference points on the screen, enabling repeatable, high accuracy performance, even from off-centre locations. Using high precision gimbal pointing, StarScan operated up to a 360° azimuth and 135° elevation range, with options for eye-limiting resolution accuracy.

3D perception products are projector-independent. “This allows our customers to retain the benefits of a rapidly advancing feature set available in the professional projector marketplace,” the company states. “Not every commercially available projector should be used in a real-time, long service life, deterministic environment. This is why we have developed the Northstar Simulation Certified Projector Program – to indicate to our customers the specific projectors that pass our qualification of fit for use in progessional simulation environments and are fully interoperable and seamlessly managed within 3D perception’s Northstar solution.”

Northstar features centralised system control, auto-warp and blend precision, push-button colour and luminance calibration, and complete Image Generator independence. (Image: 3D perception)

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