In the ISDEF CSF Ventures Startup competition, Extreme Simulations – which has established a niche for itself as the primary and exclusive mass casualty incident (MCI) trainer for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) – showed visitors to its booth various aspects of its specialised capabilities for preparing organisations to manage emergency situations.

The company, founded by Lt-Col Jonathan Bahat, now Chief Operating Officer, has developed unique methodologies and tools, creating a hyper-realistic, data-driven training environment. Its products and services, based on his significant combat experience, which included clashes that resulted in multiple casualties, allow for meaningful learning, based on qualitative, quantitative and comparable analytics, from the level of the single user up to the highest echelon of any given organisation, thereby closing the gap in emergency preparedness capabilities.

Based on extensive experience in anti-terror and emergency preparedness consulting in the US, South America and Africa, Bahat recognised that many organisations are unable to define and articulate gaps in their capabilities since they lack the appropriate modern tools to identify them. Extreme Simulations therefore maximises learning in a large organisation, so as to provide a system which gathers data from the training sessions of different units and creates a quantitative picture of the capability gaps across the organisation.

According to Oriel Herman, Co-Founder and CEO, the hyper-realistic training and invaluable data the company provides enable organisations to reach and implement key decisions for its emergency preparedness doctrines, specific equipment, infrastructure and training. The firm creates real-life challenges, then measures trainee performance in medical treatment, as well as operational and logistical aspects. Lessons learned from other armed forces, law enforcement and emergency services professionals can be incorporated as part of the analysis process.

For the IDF, Extreme Simulations has provided over 200 training sessions to ground, air and naval forces as well as emergency services such as MDA and United Rescue and Israeli SWAT teams. The company has also participated in a ‘first of it's kind‘ NATO naval training exercise, providing an MCI at sea scenario in which a NATO vessel needed to treat and evacuate casualties to an IDF Navy vessel, where they were treated in an onboard operation theatre. The company supplied a digital data-based debriefing to the commanders of the vessels and later conducted a lecture on the conclusions for the 22nd NATO Maritime Medical conference in Ireland in March.

Training scenarios inject the maximum possible degree of realism into the exercise, ensuring learning is achieved under stress. (Photo: Extreme Simulations)

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