The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has been using a Rheinmetall A400M Cargo Hold Part Task Trainer (CPTT) since February, the company announced on 6 October.

The A400M CPTT, a trainer with controls that precisely replicate the originals, is used to provide realistic training for loadmasters and groundcrew. It can also be used to train mission-specific configurable conversion of the cargo hold, load preparation and loading and unloading procedures in flight and on the ground, as well as aircrew interaction. The system is suitable for initial, advanced, repetition and deployment training. Even complex scenarios and emergency situations can be practiced safely.

The new CPTT complements the existing simulation and training systems of the A400M Training Centre at the Kuala Lumpur site. The targeted expansion of Rheinmetall’s comprehensive cargo product line by the CPTT enables the entire spectrum of cargo training resources to be adapted for other platforms. In addition to the CPTT, Rheinmetall has delivered further training equipment such as the Airbus Load Master Work Station Trainer (LMWST) and the Airbus Cargo Hold Trainer Enhanced (CHT-E) to various A400M user nations.

The CHT-E can be classified one level higher than the CPTT. In almost every detail, it is the exact replica of the loading space, including all operating elements, control stations, electronics and equipment true to the original. With this all training contents can be trained for which a real flight is not necessary. CHT-Es have been delivered to the Airbus International Training Centre (ITC) in Seville, the RAF at Brize Norton, the German Air Force at Wunstorf and the French Paratroopers (Army) at Toulouse. LMWSTs are in use at the ITC, the A400M French National Training Centre in Orléans and the RAF National Training Centre at Brize Norton.

Rheinmetall’s A400M CPTT. (Photo: Rheinmetall)

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