Speaking to MONCh at Euronaval 2018, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (Stand F78) detailed the capabilities of the firm’s C-GEM Radio Frequency (RF) Anti-Ship Missile (AShM) decoy.

Officials from the firm revealed that the RF decoy covers wide waveband, thought to stretch from X-band (8.5 gigahertz/GHz to 10.68GHz) up to Ka-band (33.4GHz to 36GHz) encompassing the Active Radar Homing seekers used by most AShMs. The company said that the decoy can be pre-loaded with a customer’s own jamming waveforms and algorithms.

Alternatively, Rafael stated that proprietary jamming protocols can be added at the factory level. Providing 360 degrees of coverage, the company was coy about providing additional details regarding performance, although it is possible that the C-GEM is capable of countering multiple incoming AShMs. Moreover, while the range of the decoy when launched from a ship remains confidential, the firm did state that it can be launched upon the first detection of an incoming AShM and be ready to commence its jamming of the AShM ARH during the end game.

The C-GEM can equip all standard 110mm and 120mm decoy launchers, and that it is currently in service with an undisclosed customer.

Dr Tom Withington


At Euronaval 2018, Rafael detail the capabilities of the firm’s C-GEM Radio Frequency (RF) Anti-Ship Missile (AShM) decoy. (Image: Rafael)

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