MBDA is using EXPONAVAL in Valparaíso this week to highlight the breadth of its weapons range. “The EXOCET is the most widely used in the region and the longest ranged: the SEA CEPTOR is very innovative and is used by both Chile and Brazil,” explains the company’s UK Head of Media Relations, Nick de Larrinaga.

The Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM), which recently entered service with the Chilean Navy in its Type 23 frigates, is a latest generation medium-range missile. The SEA CEPTOR does not require a specific tracking radar, reducing the load on the ship's defence system, but uses target indication data from the surveillance radar to offer high levels of protection in both open and coastal environments. It offers vertical soft launch (SVL), 360° coverage and a 25 km range.

ASTER is an anti-missile and antiaircraft missile for combat vessels, providing for local area defence for escorts and fleet area defence. The vertical launch MICA VL can be used in both shore and naval platforms. The EXOCET MM40 Block 3 is a next generation long-range anti-ship missile system with a high level of launcher and logistic support commonality with the Block 1 and 2 versions. MARS is a next generation medium-range anti-ship missile, which can be launched from fixed- or rotary-wing airborn platforms or from vessels as small as 25m in length.

The SEA VENOM/ANL is the most recent medium-range anti-ship missile. It can be launched against several types of surface targets. It is easily integrated into platforms that currently use SEA SKUA and AS15T. Plans exist for the integration of SEA VENOM/ANL onto the WILDCAT, PANTHER and NH90 helicopters.

"MBDA is a company present in several countries and we have a good relationship with all of South America. The experience with the Chilean Navy is good because the Chilean Navy has a strong reputation and good professionalism,” explained Mr Larrinaga.

MBDA’s EXOCET is prominent at EXPONAVAL. (Photo: Luis Vásquez)

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