At NAVDEX specialist British defence company MSI-Defence Systems is displaying a model of the latest member of its SEAHAWK remote weapon station (RWS) for naval applications – the SEAHAWK Multi Weapon Station (MWS).

SEAHAWK MWS A1 is specifically designed to be the most compact, lightweight, remote-controlled naval gun system available. It is ideal for small fast boats covering a range of operational missions from maritime interdiction to law enforcement patrols. A modular design enables a variety of external deployable mounting options for platform designers. The compact size and single-arm construction use the minimum amount of deck space and keep lines of sight clear for the crew and gunner.

Operational agility is ensured with a universal soft-mount system, which can be fitted with 7.62 or 12.7mm machine guns or a 40mm grenade launcher. Ammunition loadouts vary according to mission profile, but the company states that typical carriage for 7.62mm will be 400 rounds, half that for a 12.7mm machine gun.

MSI-DS’s design approach of precision engagement and efficient usage of ammunition throughout the SEAHAWK range of gun systems is equally important for the SEAHAWK MWS A1 system. The use of advanced finite element analysis (FEA) for structural stiffness and the latest high-torque zero backlash drive system ensure low dispersion of shots fired. Combining this with the company’s perfectly matched stabilisation and fire control system ensures that the SEAHAWK MWS A1 stays on target during dynamic manoeuvring and when underway at speed in a range of sea states.

Late last year, demonstrations took place in the UK of the SEAHAWK MWS A1 mounted on an advanced unmanned surface vessel (USV) testbed under development by BAE Systems. With development now complete, MON understands that final firing trials are being conducted as NAVDEX takes place.

SEAHAWK MWS A1 will potentially bring reliable, accurate firepower to small boats and USVs. (Photo: MSI-Defence Systems)

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