This week on booth #J84, Elettronica has a long tradition in the naval sector, with numerous systems delivered to many navies all over the world, which feature high sensitivity, high accuracy, full automatic surveillance function, and data processing for intelligence analysis (ELINT function).

The performances of Elettronica’s last generation products have been further improved, increasing sensitivity and accuracy. Elettronica is engaged in some of the most important European Cooperation programmes, e.g. "Horizon" and FREMM Frigates, in which it has teamed up with Thales Systemes Aeroportes, in the SIGEN consortium, as the supplier of the EWS systems.

The active subsystem supplied by Elettronica is the Nettuno-4100, a state-of-the-art radar ECM equipment featuring a scalable architecture that can be adapted to meet different customer needs. In fact, subsystem installation can be configured according to the on-board space limitations with two possible configurations, Split and Monomast.

The “Split” configuration is composed of two separately installable Jamming Antenna & Source Subsystems (JASS) while the “Monomast” solution is best suited to single mast installations.

The Nettuno-4100 ECM System can provide naval platforms with an Active Electronic Defence using dedicated ECM tactics. These tactics can be equally effective against both terminal missile attacks and long-range designation radar systems, and can exploit a wide range of ECM techniques against surface search and tracking radars in support of anti-surface engagements.

The ever-changing requirements of today’s scenarios, especially in peace-keeping, law enforcement and EEZ (Extended Economic Zone) preservation operations, are demanding highly advanced ESM systems tailored to the installation constraints of even small size naval units, while ensuring high performance standards. Present-day scenarios also exhibit a high signal traffic typical of today’s wide use of electronic devices/sensors, as well as extremely lethal weapon systems that can pose a serious threat to platforms lacking the necessary threat intercept and location systems.

A modular design approach makes it possible to tailor proposed solutions to the specific needs of the customer/final user, both for emitter detection, classification, identification as well as to counter a large threat variety including: Radar controlled Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM), Air-to-Air Missiles (AAM), Early Warning, Search and modern Multifunction Radars of different classes of platforms.

MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defence Systems) missiles remain one of the major threats to airborne platforms, easily encountered in the asymmetric conflicts and in terrorist actions. One of the most reliable and effective approaches to countering this type of evolving threat is represented by the use of Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM). The fiber laser technology, applied in the ELT/572, enhances DIRCM effectiveness by improving performances, effectiveness, reliability and efficiency, while it overcomes the traditional setbacks of previous DIRCM suites by reducing the installation constraints and the even more critical and complex setting-up, alignment and maintenance operations. It also allows the use of a small, highly dynamic turret that can very quickly slew and, driven by sophisticated algorithms, accurately concentrate the laser beam on the seekers of the incoming missile threats, ensuring an all-around effective protection of the platforms even against multiple simultaneous threats.

During the last edition of NATO EMBOW trials in Germany, the company demonstrated the effectiveness of its concept of advanced countermeasure techniques for countering next generation of IR threats. For the first time, at NATO level, Elettronica proved the advantage of combining the use of conventional flares and its DIRCM system, the ELT/572, to maximise the break lock of imaging seekers while the single systems alone are ineffective. Elettronica was able to coordinate such countermeasure systems by means of a specialized EO/EW manager directly implemented in the ELT/572.

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