The Patria NEMO Container, introduced at IDEX 2017, includes all the equipment required by a mortar unit in a single package. It is delivered with everything that a mortar unit needs: Protection for the crew, the weapon and ammunition. The container has its own power unit and air conditioning. In addition to an access hatch, the container has an escape hatch.

The customer can select NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) filtration systems, as well as the desired ballistic protection (Kat I & II), made either of steel plates or ceramic armour. High-durability steel plating 8-10mm thick adds around three tons to the weight of the container. The container has space for one hundred mortar bombs. It has a crew of three: Two loaders and a gunner, who also acts as the commander of the unit. The key benefit of the Patria NEMO Container is its easy mobility, which is unique to mortar systems of this caliber.

The container has been developed with and for the UAE Navy, according to Kari Reunamäki, VP Weapon Systems Land, and Patria is awaiting a contract with the navy by the end of this year. Further information requests from different countries have already reached the company.

The Patria NEMO Container can be easily moved into a firing position on a high-speed boat, a ship or on a truck; the container can also fire from any of these carriers and naturally also from the ground. For example, the container’s versatile mobility enables coastal jaeger platoons to relocate this independent firing unit during a mission. This is also an excellent solution for protecting military bases. The container can also be purchased as a separate unit without the weapon system, in which case the customer can make cost-effective use of its existing NEMO equipment. (Photo: DPM)

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