Drone detection is the ‘dish of the day’ at Security and Counterterror (SCTX 2017) in London this week. Company’s offering solutions range from the usual suspects to virtual unknowns. What they have in common, it seems, is a recognition of the requirement for a multi-layered approach and a passion for the specific application their organisation offers.

While the passion remains, the atmosphere on the Quantum Aviation booth is somewhat more cerebral. “We are all about offering cost-effective solutions for extant threats – showing operators the opportunity that exists to spend very little money to achieve an end result,” Commercial Director David Warren told Mönch. “And in some cases that means answering the fundamental question – is there really a threat?”

With his past experience (in uniform) crafting security solutions for the 2012 Olympics, Warren is certainly not belittling the threat. But the likelihood of a drone featuring in a security threat to a major public event such as a sporting or political gathering is far higher than, for example, a large corporation facing drone-centric damage or disruption.

It is also a matter of understanding the behaviour of the hostile party, Warren points out. “Different communities have entirely different behavioural characteristics: for example, a criminal is intent on getting in, conducting the activity and escaping – a terrorist, on the other hand, does not necessarily want to leave the scene. And that dictates entirely different modes of security preparation,” Warren points out.

Quantum Aviation has been at this task for a little over 18 months, during which time they have been consulted by national bodies as far afield as Japan and Qatar, in support of upcoming sporting events, for example. However, Warren and his colleagues are targeting their efforts far more on the private sector rather than the institutional. “The private sector is attractive to us because people tend to be far more agile – and it’s a wide open market right now, ranging from corporate entities to superyacht operators,” he explained to Mönch.


DroneProtect offers a multi-layered and entirely customisable approach to security for a wide range of public and private organisations. (Image: Quantum Aviation)

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