In an environment in which communities large and small face similar levels of evolving threat but have widely differing levels of resource with which to confront them, it makes a pleasant change to see companies addressing that differential in an intelligent and human-centric fashion.

Law enforcement provides a stark example of what we mean. The police department of a city the size and nature of Arlington, Virginia, (county population 229,000) for example, has very different security requirements from those of Big Sandy, Texas (population 1,343) – but it has similar concerns about being prepared to face the evolving nature of threats to citizens, property and communal assets.

That means that the law enforcement agencies in both locations need to be able to train their personnel effectively, comprehensively and above all affordably. Enter stage left a new but perfectly formed company based in Boise Idaho – 360 Immersive LLC. “We decided there had to be more to training than gaming or entertainment. We looked at the possibility of bringing individual training objectives down to 2-5 minutes and providing bespoke video-based virtual reality content that empowers tailored training at a very affordable cost,” 360 Immersive Managing Director, Jennifer Lastra, explained to Mönch at SCTX 2017 in London.

This is the only non-US show the six person, woman/veteran owned company will attend this year. The venue is well chosen – and the investment deserves to succeed. A bespoke training capability at a generic price tag is an achievement to be envied – and will undoubtedly be snapped up once word gets out. This is the kind of initiative that is becoming more and more common in the security community – as institutional inertia gives way to the inexorable pressure of innovation and energy from the SME sector of the supply chain. 360 Immersive espouses the philosophy that one size does not necessarily fit all and is putting its reputation – and future – here its mouth is, by offering advanced training capability in an exploitable and potentially easily shareable format. There is moe of this story to be told….

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