Arguably one of the most original booths at the show, Chiral Software attracts ISDEF 2017 participants with its latest technology: ZombieCam. "ZombieCam is the world's first intelligent tactical video system," says Eric Hollander, CEO of Chiral Software. "We aimed to create a technology that could facilitate the processing of information for customers, such as special forces or border guards, who need to be able to respond quickly and make sure the system has detected the right target."

ZombieCam uses a machine learning network, running on specialised neural network processing hardware, to categorise objects in images. This facilitates the identification of, for instance, civilians, military personnel, weapons or weapon types (such as rifle or handgun, AK-pattern or M4-pattern). "ZombieCam is device-independent, which means that it can be connected to all major brands of high-quality IP cameras and can feed the information through wi-fi or 4G networks straight to a mobile phone," continues Mr Hollander.

Chiral Software has been working for Federal and Department of Defence customers since 2008, with over $10million in Federal contracts. "ZombieCam is aimed at customers such as border protection agencies, or anyone seeking to secure an areas, but it can also find its application within a military unit or a SWAT team needing to respond to a situation with real-time information," concludes Mr Hollander. "By detecting pre-determined objects rather than merely movement, it removes the risk of false alarms."

ZombieCam is production ready and is being launched here at ISDEF 2017.

Dr. Alix Valenti


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