UVEYE is one of two companies to have won the MONA (Monch Newcomer Award), awarded for the first time by MONCH at ISDEF 2017. The winning product? An under-vehicle inspection system that automatically identifies concealed threats in the undercarriage of any vehicle.

UVeye is a computer vision and machine learning company that specializes in the design and building of state-of- the-art camera inspection systems for vehicles. UVeye’s flagship product, a unique under-vehicle inspection device uses hi-res cameras and computer algorithms to scan and automatically detect, identify and highlight any anomalies, threats, modifications or foreign objects in any vehicle’s undercarriage.

The detection system comes as both a fixed and a mobile system. The fixed system is installed in concrete on a road, blending with the landscape and almost imperceptible for the driver. The mobile unit can, on the other hand, be packed into a hand-carried suitcase.

UVeye’s combined software and hardware system incorporates machine learning to supply an accurate reading, by collecting data from scans to compare and track characteristics of different vehicle models for differentiators, such as weight and part placement.
This technology detects threatening vehicles the first time they pass over the system to alert the operator and prevent unwanted access.

"Our product is aimed at customers such as homeland security organizations, government organizations like embassies and high secured perimeters as well as event organisers or hospitals," says Amir Hever, CEO of UVeye to MONS: "It has been on the market for less than a year, and we have already sold many units; now we will continue working on it to increase our advanced capabilities and types of anomalies, that can be detected, such as 360 inspection and inside vehicle detection.

Dr. Alix Valenti


UVEYE uses strategically angled and synchronized hi-res cameras that produce 200 frames per second (each). Within three seconds after a vehicle passes over UVeye’s ground installed device, at a speed of up to 45KM/H (28 MPH), the system captures multiple images to create a 3D model of the undercarriage and provides high resolution full colour visuals to rule out any security risks. (Photo: AV)

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