At Enforce Tac, Steiner released the M7Xi and M8Xi  scopes, available as an Intelligent Firing Solution (IFS). 

The M7Xi has an optical power of 4-28x56 with a large field of view.  Traditional long-distance scopes take up a lot of room though the M7Xi’s minimized size enables additional tools to be co-located on the rail such as thermal or night vision. Ruggedness is a hallmark at Steiner, the M7Xi can withstand up to 900Gs or force, is waterproof up to 20m (66ft) and the operating temperature range is -46°C to +64°C.

The M8Xi is more compact with an optical power of 1-8x24.  The short length, and low-profile turrets enable shooters to maintain superior situational awareness while still providing ranged performance.  Standard Steiner durability is built in, the M8Xi is waterproof up to 20 m (66Feet), the operating temperature range is -46°C to +64°C, and it can withstand up to 900Gs or force.

Either of these fine optics can include the new IFS, a smart, customisable, display which provides real-time information to the operator.  Including the Ballistic Calculator and Sensor Suite, the IFS pairs with your phone (Apple and Android) via Bluetooth technology and provides bullet point of impact via temperature, air pressure, inclination and wind drift readings. In addition, the display provides feedback on leveling and turret settings. Imagine looking through your optic, seeing where your reticle is pointing, and having an indicator of bullet impact based upon current conditions—like a dope sheet programmed into the scope. The display is customisable and can be shut off if needed.

Steiner is preparing soldiers for the future with advantages like the M7Xi and the powerful Intelligent Firing Solution. (Photo: Steiner)

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