In 2017, Thales delivered its smallest, most mobile small arms trainer to the naval component of Germany’s Special Forces Command (KSM). The SAGITTARIUS EVOLUTION is the second Thales simulator to be ordered by the Command, following delivery of the AGSHP small arms/anti-tank training device previously delivered.

In addition to the KSM, other units including the Sea Battalion (both are stationed at Eckernförde) will use the system, specifically in the latter case for realistic training with the Dynamit Nobel WIRKMITTEL 90mm grenade/rocket launcher.

The system can be equipped on a needs-orientated basis for specialised forces with specific training scenarios, networking systems and motion platforms in order to be able to complete training in an even more realistic manner. Each device offers marksmanship and mission training for two trainees simultaneously. The mobile system is installed in hardened rolling containers and features a wireless instructor station on a notebook. Its design permits the system to be set up by two persons in 15 minutes.

Using a component-based architecture, the software update to SAGITTARIUS Evolution enables flexible dimensioning for the future requirements of the user, a common platform for different training modules and forms the basis for the future viability of the system.

The integrated artificial intelligence (AI) of the computer-controlled own, neutral and enemy forces increases the training and awareness effect: Dependent on the user's own behaviour, changed mission situations arise, realistically presented environmental conditions (e.g. terrain, time of day, wind direction) affect the training progress and require an adjustment of the user behaviour, thus significantly increasing the depth of realism of the training.

Using the latest CryENGINE simulation technology, SAGITTARIUS Evolution provides both virtual and live firing training capability for individual and unit training.

With more than 260 operational systems worldwide, Thales’ SAGITTARIUS Evolution is a small arms trainer that covers all areas of marksmanship training from law enforcement applications, close quarter combat up to full military battlefield engagement training. Using the latest CryENGINE rendering technology provided by Crytek, SAGITTARIUS Evolution provides both virtual and live firing training capability for individual and unit training.
SAGITTARIUS Evolution has a flexible and scalable architecture across the entire product line, hereby being able to be linked to other systems and/or additional modules, such as the door gunner, the vehicle, or the boat module. SAGITTARIUS Evolution features a new component-based architecture, which enables it to be flexibly configured to the needs of the user. Thanks to a common platform for various training modules (e.g., basic shooting skills, land, air and marine equipment, joint fire support team), the system is scalable. SAGITTARIUS. Evolution's individual modules and the complete systems can be networked, making it possible to provide training for combined scenarios both at the local site and in concert with other sites.

Thales showcases its SAGITTARIUS Evolution at Enforce Tac 2018. (Photo: S&SI)

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