Since being established in 1999, Greek security company Terracom Informatics has become a significant player and innovator in the physical security industry – supplying 67 countries through 24 international partners.

Its latest product innovation, on display at FIDAE 2018 in Santiago de Chile this week, is QR-PATROL, a cloud-based human resources monitoring tool to track guards on their site tours or base patrols, monitoring their efficiency and safety.

There are three modes in which an end user can establish his or her presence at specific locations at certain times: 1) a QR code to be scanned on a mobile device; 2) an NFC tag; and 3) passing by a Bluetooth-enabled beacon. All three methodologies are predominantly passive and allow personnel to stay focused on the area/assets they are protecting and to have an effective and safe mission tour. Personnel also have access to a panic button to summon instant assistance if required. 
According to the company, the application is considered ground-breaking, with growing potential for expansion, and has earned the development and implementation of this new product a grant under European Union Horizon 2020 research funds, to ensure all resources are available to keep developing new add-ons and become commercially successful.

QR-PATROL PRO will be the first application worldwide that will use Internet-of-Things technologies as a part of the product solution’s core competence. All new functionalities will automate many of the routine procedures followed by civilian or military armed guards, provide accurate location data (even in places without GPS coverage) and check if deployed personnel’s physical condition is acceptable. Increased adoption of wearable devices means that TerraCom´s implementation team has established a roadmap for taking advantage of the vast potential these devices can offer to ensure guards safety and wellbeing.

QR-PATROL components: top, blue tooth beacons; lower left, QR scan codes; and lower right, NFC tags. (Image Terracom Informatics)

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