In response to the rising need for ‘remote client onboarding,’ Thales has launched its GEMALTO Identity Verification Suite (IDV), a secure verification service that uses 100% artificial intelligence (AI) to address the COVID-19 environment with touchless interaction, allowing service providers to reach end users via mobile handsets or the Web.

Integrating the latest facial recognition technology, document security features recognition and machine learning engines, the IDV suite allows a secure, smooth user journey for markets from the travel industry (airlines and airport security, car rental companies, public and private transportation), telecom operators, banks, citizen services (driving permits), and all types of online service providers looking to meet their ‘know your customer’ (KYC) needs.

Secure identity verification has become a crucial part of online security and digital onboarding, and constitutes a significant opportunity for businesses. In cases such as digital enrolment or KYC regulations, ID verification is critical in order to efficiently detect fraud and therefore build user trust in the digital world.

The modular solution offers the flexibility to deploy a single solution across all channels, whether through mobile applications, websites, or a network of dedicated document scanners, thus aligning with the security expectations of each industry. From checking the validity of the machine-readable zone of an ID document, to more advanced control under white light, infra-red and UV checks, the suite can also securely perform contactless NFC verification, using the chip of e-documents.

Advanced facial biometric technology is also a key feature in the IDV suite, integrating ‘passive liveness’ detection to facilitate end-user experience. The customer is asked to take a ‘selfie,’ and then the solution transparently analyzes the ‘liveness’ of the selfie and securely matches it against the portrait on the ID document, allowing for quick and efficient biometric identity verification.

COVID-19 has created a number of key global shifts that are shaping the method in which people are accurately identified when signing up to new accounts or interacting with digital services. Goode Intelligence forecasts that electronic identity and document verification service adoption, in such crisis context, will be accelerated by 15-20 percent,” said Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence. “[The] Thales IDV suite addresses the urgent imperative to identify people in a trustful and ‘touchless’ way, which offers service providers a smart solution to securely onboard users.”

Users take a ‘selfie’ which the IDV suite compares against ID documents, using facial recognition and AI techniques. (Photo: Thales Group)

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