At ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam this week, Rockwell Collins is leveraging the capabilities its innovative engineering advances make possible. Specifically emphasising the recently announced multi-level security and COALESCENCE mixed reality developments, Andrew White, Head of Business Development EuMEA for the company told MONS; “everything we do leverages the engineering expertise and knowledge base we have built up in developing winning solutions – across several complex domains.”

A classic case is the multi-level security system which is attracting, “considerable and serious interest,” according to White. As the world continues to move more rapidly in the direction of joint, combined and multi-national operations, the sharing of information becomes a critical success factor. That much is not new – and neither is the conundrum of how to share information of different levels of security classification among users from different services or nations.

As is so often the case with brilliant solutions, the Rockwell Collins approach to resolving this operational challenge is simple. Segregate and manage the data, do not focus on the transmission medium or network. “The solution lies in the development of a customer-defined rleset – that determines what gets shared and it is ultimately and permanently the customer’s decision,” Michael Jebautzke, Principal Marketing Manager EuMEA, told MONS on 17 May.

It is early days to judge the success of this proposed solution, but all indications right now are that it should take the military market by storm, it would appear. Existing solutions that suffice for other government agencies such as law enforcement are sufficient for the level of security and encryption such organisations operate with – but the military requirement demands a far more robust and capable solution, which Rockwell Collins appears well placed to provide. "COALESCENCE offers a far higher degree of realism and credibility in immersive simulations. Ghostly, disembodied hands floating in and out of view in previous generations of visualisation system are replaced (where required) by real life hands – in real-time and with blended real-time motion – and accompanied by a synthetic view that blends seamlessly with the ‘real world’ where intervention becomes inevitable. As simulations move inexorably towards greater immersion, requiring better and better enhanced, virtual and augmented reality, COALESCENCE sets the benchmark for “melding the real and virtual worlds,” White explained to MONS.

Tim Mahon


COALESCENCE will be a key contributor to the improvement in efficacy and utility of immersive training solutions in almost every domain. (Image: Rockwell Collins)

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