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Ergonomic, ruggedized and reliable, the SCAR’s most significant feature is its incredible modularity. Users can reconfigure their weapon in a matter of minutes, swapping barrels to up-gun from 5.56x45mm NATO to the heavier 7.62x51mm NATO round.

7.62x51mm-chambered rifle purpose-built to achieve superior long-range accuracy

Hermann Mayer, Managing Partner of MEN, spoke to MONCh about current trends in the field of ammunition, the constantly changing customer requirements and specifications, and the constant need for adjustment on the part of the manufacturer. MEN is the reliable and tested partner to, e.g. German Police dorces, not just for training but also for the most demanding assignment conditions. the company's product range includes armour piercing bullets in the various calibres, as well as deformation projectiles for a lower background ­hazard and for protecting bystanders.

Industry Leader Interview: Hermann Mayer, Managing Partner of MEN

 Nextorch turns compact flashlights into a tactical tool

DVD2018: FNH UK, the UK-based subsidiary of one FN Herstal, The whole range of FN machine guns (MG) include the FN MINIMI light MG (currently the Mk3 version for improved ergonomics and accessory integration), available in 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO calibres, the FN MAG 7.62mm NATO General Purpose/medium MG, and the FN M3 and M2HB-QCB .50cal MG, which have repeatedly proven themselves in combat. The FN SCAR family covers the full range of requirements, with the very short subcompact version, the 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO calibre assault rifles, the 40mm grenade launcher, and the highly accurate 7.62mm NATO calibre precision rifles.

Range of small calibre weapons, integrated weapon systems & associated ammunition

There are two new sights in the series: the S332 (145mm in length at 614g) with 3x magnification and the S432 (145mm in length at 710g) with 4x magnification. The Steiner S332 (3x zoom) is designed and engineered in a combination of optical quality, field of view, eye relief and a large eye box. (Image: Steiner)

Next-gen prism battle sights with wide field of view

Currently, the Us Marine Corps (USMC) has a requirement for 7,000-65,000 hearing enhancement devices over the next three years to be used in conjunction with, or in lieu of, the current Combat Arms Earplugs Marines already wear. The goal is to protect Marines’ hearing while increasing their situational awareness through a suite of devices. The systems can be circumaural (headset) or intra-aural (inner ear) but must include versions that are both communications enabled and versions that are not communications enabled. Regardless, they must work with Marine radios and the Enhanced Combat Helmet. Consequently, the Marines have issued a Request for Information (RfI) to industry. In a press release, Steven Fontenot, Project Officer for Hearing, Eye Protection and Loadbearing Equipment in Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment (PM ICE) at Marine Corps Systems Command explained: “Marines have the earplugs and they do provide protection, but sometimes they choose not to wear them because they want to be aware of their surroundings at all times. The new headset we want to acquire will allow Marines to wear hearing protection, yet still provide the opportunity to communicate and understand what is going on around them.”

Protecting Marines’ hearing

The US Army’s Product Manager, Soldier Precision Targeting Devices (PdM SPTD) released a Request for Information (RfI) to conduct market research for potential sources that are able to provide a Pistol Aiming Light (PAiL) that fulfills the army’s needs for the new Modular Handgun System (MHS). The PAiL should come with a laser/white light illuminator for the M17 pistol by SIG Sauer. Engineers at Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier have been examining two competing designs: the Streamlight TLR-8 and the LaserMax Defense Pistol Enhancer MFAL (LMD-PE-IR-1).

 Government looking for COTS option

BNVDs, SRFs and AN/PQ-16B devices represent a significant “uplift” in night fighting capability for Australian Army 

Development of a new soldier exoskeleton system finished its first stage with the completion of a study by Deakin University and Lockheed Martin. Key advances have been in software. Where HULK was slow to react to movements by the body, now the delay in following is down to milliseconds in a new powered system called ONYX which is being developed in tandem with FORTIS. (Photo: Tim Fish)

Key advances in software

Light & effective VPAM 6 head protection via ULBRICHTS Protection

MONCh Gear Box Product Review

Integrated into British Army VIRTUS System

EID’s product and service solutions cover a wide variety of land-based and maritime communications applications. (All images courtesy EID) For this interview, MONCh ventures to Portugal. EID , a subsidiary of UK-based technology group Cohort plc, is a good example of the innovation and technology insertion. EID’s Marketing & Sales Director José Pesqueira Mendes responds to Tim Mahon's (MONCh’s UK-based Special Correspondent and Editor of MÖNCH TRAINING & SIMULATION CHANNEL - MTSC) questions in the 3-2-1 format.

EID’s Marketing & Sales Director José Pesqueira Mendes Answers 

’Small but perfectly formed’ is a description that can justifiably be applied to Lincad Limited. A privately-owned company based near Farnborough in southeastern England, it has established an enviable reputation as a leader in battery systems, design and engineering. Joint Managing Director Peter Slade answers Tim Mahon's (MONCh’s UK-based Special Correspondent and Editor of MÖNCH TRAINING & SIMULATION CHANNEL - MTSC) questions in a brief but illuminating interview.

Lincad’s Joint Managing Director Peter Slade Answers

Canada has voted with its pocketbook, electing to exercise an option that will bring the armed forces over 1,200 additional ARGUS soldier systems in 2019. (Photo: Rheinmetall)

Rheinmetall Will Deliver 1,256 Systems in 2019

The second vessel of the Landing Ship Tank (LST) programme, TCG SANCAKTAR, was handed over to TNFC during a ceremony held at the ADIK Shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul on 7 April. There was a rumour that she was going to be sold to Saudi Arabia, which is why she was not delivered to TNFC until now. On 2 March, Turkish Defence Minister Canikli disclosed that there is a serious interest and orders from abroad for locally constructed corvettes and submarines

Missile defence, unmanned systems, martime and air news

US Army’s Sub Compact Weapon Back On. An initial order for 350 weapons and accompanying tools, spares, accessories and equipment will be made. From the award of the contract the vendor will be scheduled to provide the first 10 SCW systems within 30 days of the contract award. This will then be followed by the remaining 340 weapons over a 5-7 month period after the award of a follow on production award.

Selecting a 9x19mm compact weapon system

Congress Moves to Slow USMC’s Wider Adoption of M27

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