Speaking to MONS at Singapore Airshow, Invisio disclosed that its new Intercom System is now being tested by several specialised users in the world. Announced in September 2017 and housed in a box weighing 0.5kg (1.1lbs), the Intercom System can be easily housed in a soldier’s webbing or in their backpack. Moreover, the product can be used in a mounted or dismounted fashion, and used onboard aircraft or maritime platforms. The company continued that a lot of its existing customers in conventional militaries and special forces show great interest in this new product.

The Intercom System can connect up to four disparate tactical radios and up to five users. This allows these users to seamlessly communicate with each radio connected to the intercom and to switch between these radios using their standard handheld radio control unit, thus removing the need to physically operate each of their radios directly each time they wish to use it. Such considerations are important, Invisio added, as soldiers such as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers maybe typically required to use a number of radios such as a standard handheld transceiver, and possibly a satellite communications system or vehicular radio to facilitate communications with aircraft or with other echelons of command.

Invisio continued that the product is, “radio agnostic,” regarding the transceivers that it can accommodate, and several Intercom Systems can be, “daisy chained,” or connected together to increase the number or users and radios which can be connected together. Invisio stated that the system will be delivered to Special Forces tbis summer.


The Invisio Intercom makes it possible for multiple users and radios to be connected simultaneously while using their existing soldier system. Seamless plug and play integration between control units, intercoms, headsets and interface cables are key to the versatility of the Invisio system, as it allows for deployment of new equipment without the need for updating existing Invisio systems. The intercom is small, lightweight, and highly mobile to establish comms anywhere. (Photo: DPM)

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