Polymer framed Striker fired handguns are all the rage at the moment, with the frame molded into the chassis. Taking a step ahead and building on the earlier P250 platform, SIG Sauer has created a truly modular Striker fired handgun, the P320.

Modularity comes in handy, as armed forces have the need to replace their existing multiple handgun collection to suit different roles (military police, soldier combat firearms) with a single model that can be configured on the fly to meet any mission requirement.

The US has a drive to find the one gun called the Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition.

"The ergonomics of the P320 pistols are superior," Franz von Stauffenberg, CEO SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG, together with his US partner, Steve “Mato” Matulewicz, Executive Director Global Defense, SIG Sauer Inc., informed Mönch. "The P320 has a very good shape, with a deep pocket for the web of the hand, a proper grip angle for trigger control, recessed approaches to the rear of the trigger guard, and a squared notch at the bottom rear of the magazine well. This latter feature permits the shooter to get a good hold on the magazine in order to rip it out of the gun in the unlikely event of a feedway malfunction. However, the modularity of the grip system is superb."

For each size gun, SIG Sauer offers three sizes of grip modules (small, medium and large). The inside of each is the same, with correctly dimensioned magazine well, and pocket for the frame assembly; with the outside of each grip module being thicker/thinner. The actual circumference of the grip is bulkier as the sizes increase. By this means, the company tailors the pistol to just about any hand.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #1/2017, available at SHOT Show 2017; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

The P320 has the ability to change almost every major feature of the gun. The pistol disassembles in just a few seconds into its constituent parts, and the entire metal chassis of the gun, i.e. the serialised part that is technically the “firearm,” slides completely free of the frame. That chassis is also designed to fit exactly into the existing grips for the P250, meaning that there are already aftermarket parts available that will fit the 320. This means, if one wants to change from a 9mm to a 45ACP gun, or change from a full size gun to a compact carry version, one does not need to buy a new firearm, but a conversion kit (an added benefit of the 320’s easily-removed metallic bits is the stress-free cleaning). The company furthermore went the simplicity route with the takedown lever, ambidextrous slide release/lock lever, and reversible magazine release. It also touts an RFID chip integrally molded into the frame for easier identification and tracking. Another feature is an accessory rail on the so-called “dust cover” which is the underside of the receiver just forward of the trigger guard. This is a feature that is standard on many fighting handguns in the 21st Century. It permits the user to mount a variety of different lights, lasers or combinations thereof for use in special shooting situations. In doing so, it unquestionably improves the utility of the gun. (Photo: Mönch/DPM)

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