Northrop Grumman has made a strategic agreement with Los Angeles-based Epirus to offer the latter’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP) capability as a component of its own C-UAS system-of-systems offering, the company announced on 20 July.

UAS threats are proliferating across the modern battlespace,” explained Kenn Todorov, VP/General Manager, Combat Systems and Mission Readiness at Northrop Grumman. “By integrating the Epirus EMP weapon system into our C-UAS portfolio, we continue maturing our robust, integrated, layered approach to addressing and defeating these evolving threats.”

Northrop Grumman’s end-to-end C-UAS solutions deliver a layered architecture with a full complement of kinetic and non-kinetic effects, aerial and ground sensors and the battle-hardened, proven and deployed Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (C2) system, recently selected by the US Army as the interim C2 system for counter-small-UAS  (C-sUAS) capabilities.

Epirus’ C-UAS EMP system — LEONIDAS — is designed for static and mobile C-UAS defence and uses solid-state commercial semiconductor technology to deliver capability with unprecedented reductions in size and weight. This enables increased stand-off ranges and speed-of-light engagements that do not suffer from issues with magazine depth or capacity. When fired, LEONIDAS creates an EMP that can be steered for precision engagements or adjusted to sanitise a volume of terrain or sky, creating a ‘force field’ effect.

We’re excited to work closely with the Northrop Grumman team to support their C-UAS systems-of-systems solution offering,”. “Our unprecedented EMP capabilities will complement [the Northrop Grumman system-of-systems] offering as we continue to look to the future to understand how asymmetric threats will evolve,” stated Epirus’ CTO, Bo Marr.

The prospect of the future battlespace featuring swarms of large numbers of small UAS acting in concert makes it imperative that C-UAS systems take a layered defence approach and investigate the viability of innovative technologies such as EMP weapons. (Image via Epirus, Inc.)

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